“How to measure and manage circular economy initiatives”, a chat with the Climate 21 Podcast


Our CEO Roy Vercoulen recently sat down with Tom Raftery (Global VP and Innovation Evangelist at SAP) for a laid-back chat about some of the challenges within circular economy. Amongst other topics, Roy answered questions such as

  • How do we measure the circularity of products?
  • What does measuring circular performance mean?
  • And how can businesses benefit from adopting a circular model?

The chat took place at the Climate 21 Podcast, a weekly podcast that showcases “best practices and thought-leadership by SAP, its customers, partners and competitors in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reductions”. The podcast, with a new episode every Wednesday, is part of the Climate 21 Program, an initiative of SAP to allow customers to calculate, report, and reduce their emissions.

Click here to listen to the episode! Or listen to it in whatever podcast platform you use and make sure to catch up with previous episodes, where Tom also interviews other climate change experts, executives from companies rolling out the best climate initiatives and other stakeholders in the field.

And a big thank you to SAP.i.O for the opportunity and to our host Tom for the great chat!