The WBCSD CTI Tool is now open for pre-registration

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The WBCSD CTI Tool is now open for pre-registration


Today, only 9% of the world is circular, an alarming reality that requires urgent change. The good news is that the opportunity for change is here. We’re thrilled to be able to contribute to this transformation by making the transition towards circularity more transparent, simple and actionable.

To focus our efforts into activating the transition towards a restorative Circular Economy, we partnered with the WBCSD to develop the CTI Tool (announced in September), as part of the Circular Transition Indicators. The platform will help businesses and governments align in their circularity targets and activate their entire supply chain, boosting positive impact in their industry and environment.

The CTI Tool is now available for a limited number of sign-ups.

Be amongst the first to test it and join this transformation!


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