CTI Tool Launch: A big step towards a circular future

CTI Tool Launch: A big step towards a circular future


Yesterday marked a milestone for businesses and sustainability frontrunners worldwide. 

Together with the WBCSD, at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, we celebrated the launch of the CTI Tool: an online tool that will help businesses across industries speak the same language whilst measuring their Circular Transition Indicators.

The CTI Tool was developed in partnership with the WBCSD to complete the Circular Transition Indicators framework, and support companies worldwide in assessing and accelerating their circularity. The tool brings transparency, efficiency, and collaboration into the transition towards a circular economy while leveraging the power of digitization and smart software solutions in supporting companies worldwide. As it helps organizations generate better insights from their own data, the CTI tool also allows users to collaborate with stakeholders from their own organization as well as partners from the value chain.

During a time of global climate crisis and the need for urgent and effective change, the CTI Tool, alongside the CTI framework, emerges as a milestone in the transition towards a restorative and regenerative circular economy. More so, it will also help businesses grow and model their sustainable initiatives while becoming game-changers within their industry.


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