“An extremely practical tool”: Milieu Magazine features the CTI Tool

“An extremely practical tool”: Milieu Magazine features the CTI Tool



We are thrilled to see the CTI Tool featured in the latest issue of the Milieu Magazine. And during these times of hardship and apparent stillness, a good read bringing positive news is always a great highlight!

The CTI Tool is a digital platform that we developed in partnership with the WBCSD and KPMG to support the Circular Transition Indicators Framework (CTI). The CTI framework is a set of indicators made by business, for business, to help organizations worldwide accelerate their transition towards a circular economy. Launched during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, last January, the tool currently has over 200 accounts!


Anchoring circularity


The tool is extremely practical and simple (to use) and it helps organizations create a solid foundation for calculating and implementing circular strategies and actions. In the words of Roy Vercoulen, our CEO, “the tool helps businesses understand what buttons they need to push to improve their circularity. This is key, as currently, circularity is still a pretty abstract and fluffy term. This methodology generates objective and tangible output. You can try it for free and the method is easy to explain, universal and transparent. So what’s the excuse to not give it a try?”.

What’s more, the “tool helps businesses measure a solid circular economy baseline, but is also suited to kickstart conversations on this topic with suppliers and customers. It’s an instrument businesses can use to initiate and manage improvements and calculate circularity in a universal and consistent manner across the globe.”, says Arnoud Walrecht (director Circular Economy Services for KPMG).


Curious to try the CTI Tool?


If you want to experiment with the tool, here’s a great tip: you can start small! Try out the CTI Essential and explore the 7 Steps of the tool to take a peek at how the CTI methodology can help you better understand where you actually are and where you want to go next with your circularity actions.

And a big thank you to the Milieu Magazine for featuring our collective effort to support businesses to activate their circularity! You can find the article on pages 4 to 7, enjoy the reading!